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Queer Type T-shirt - Trouble Is My Middle Name

350 SEK
One size (over size) fits all
Fruit of the Loom Super Premium quality
Black print

The words on this t-shirt are borrowed from a popular high street clothing store. “I wear flowers” is an example of what is printed on t-shirts for girls, and “I will never grow up” is an equivalent message for boys. The typefaces on these t-shirts are also gendered. What is most commonly used to stereotype the feminine is a decorative script, and for the masculine an uncluttered sans-serif. “Stereotypes” are originally typographic objects: they were made of solid lead rather than movable type, which allowed the same message to be reproduced without variation. Queer theorists
say that femininity becomes cute by constantly being reproduced as such. Translated to a communication context: if stereotypes weren’t reproduced, they wouldn’t exist.
To liquify the leadlike stereotypes of gendered communication, all you have to do is invert the typeface.

Typefaces used in this project are SANS and AVEC by Minna Sakaria.